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Uri Talmor

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. 

I’m Uri Talmor, and I founded Healed Healer Institute™ to help therapists and individuals learning about psychotherapy to become the best therapist and healer possible, while becoming whole in the process.

These trainings, through the Healed Healer Institute, are designed to give you as full of an experience as possible with Conscious Heart Integration (CHI). It will support your own healing and integration while also giving you the skills, tools, and techniques to heal your clients. You are invited to engage in your growth with the Healed Healer Institute for as long as feels inspiring. I’ve designed the trainings to meet you just where you are, to support you for as long as you desire and for as far as you’d like to go.

I created CHI over 23 years of participating in the personal growth and mental health fields. I have degrees from Washington University, St. Louis, MO,  and Naropa University, in Boulder, CO.

As my work with individuals and families unfolded, I learned from models like Gestalt, Internal Family Systems, Nonviolent Communication, Collaborative & Proactive Solutions, and other transpersonal approaches. I observed how each of us have eternal spaces of love, joy, peace, and innocence that get covered up over time. With the right kind of support, each of us is able to heal or clear out these blockages and uncover our inherent wholeness and aliveness.

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Uri Talmor, Founder